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NOBEL PRIZE, December 10th, Who? C’est simple comme bonjour, Mr. Van Rompuy.

The Global Lotto Machine

 An European citizen.

As simple as that

Or decides ‘Brussel’ in its usual and political willfulness solely again who shall represent  the European Union to receive the Alfred Nobel Prize under the watchful eyes of the King of Norway from the hands  of the  Secretary-General  of the  Council_of_Europe , also the Chairman of the  Norwegian Nobel Committee ,  Thorbjørn Jagland ,  former Norwegian Prime Minister, who published the book “Min europeiske drøm” (My European dream)?

A  dream from which he probably never woke up, as never a treaty for ‘the establishment of the European Union‘ was concluded, but only a ‘Treaty on European Union

Also responsible for awarding  the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama, who as far as  human rights and according to Nobel’s testament , ‘ fraternity  between the nations’ are concerned, yet has to deliver.

Another salient detail being that the Nobel Peace Prize is traditionally handed out in Oslo. All other prizes are handed out in Stockholm, thereby offering  the lucky politicians an welcome escape to circumvent under these circumstances further entanglement in ongoing discussions about another sensitive issue in relation to Alfred Nobel’s  ‘fraternity between states’: Julius Assange.

De-politicizing the Nobel Prize.

Among many other jubilant press releases launched from the EU Headquarters, Van Rompuy was the first to dedicate the award of the Nobel Prize for Peace also to the European citizens, who, after all, put the money up to keep the European Union alive and prospering.

For this simple reason, more thought is to be given to bring forward an European citizen instead of a politician, who will receive on behalf of the entire European Union Alfred Nobel’s politicized Peace Prize out of the hands of the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in the presence of the King of Norway. An award consisting of a diploma, a medal and a document confirming the prize amount.

Panem et circenses, Bread and circuses

To further de-politicize the Nobel Peace Prize Award, not that much fantasy is actually required how to single out this particular individual in the European Union. What factually is required are existing random generators, Lotto machines and per EU member state the central registers of the population.

In addition, the outsourcing of this election to the graciously subsidized and sponsored organization behind the Eurovision Song Contest festival should be considered, the next festival anyhow to be held in Sweden in 2013. An organization equipped with proven in-depth knowledge and experience to organize spectacular mega-events under difficult conditions, even beyond the borders of the European Union in Europe.

Thereby  bringing together an exceptional, symbolical example of another perception of border crossing solidarity, a high degree of entertainment, joy, competition, transparency, brother- and sisterhood, the freedom of choice not to participate in such an transparent  election and the award of a degraded, politicized Alfred Nobel’s Peace Prize.


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8 Reacties op “NOBEL PRIZE, December 10th, Who? C’est simple comme bonjour, Mr. Van Rompuy.

  1. Aad Verbaast 15 oktober 2012 om 09:43

    Een vredesonderonsje.
    Vriend en vijand waren het er wel over eens dat Thorbjørn Jagland de slechtste premier van Noorwegen ooit is geweest. Als minister van buitenlandse zaken stond hij al bekend als “stupid” en “incompetent”.
    Tja, met zo’n CV kun je het in de Europese politiek ver schoppen zo blijkt maar weer.

  2. King Billy 15 oktober 2012 om 10:37

    Thorbjørn Jagland na een verkiezingsnederlaag: “We komen terug. Hier staan we”.

  3. King Billy 15 oktober 2012 om 12:14
    Over EU problemen:
    “The European Commission shares much of the blame. Under current Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, it has allowed itself to be pushed to the perimeter. While the Commission focuses its energies on banning conventional light bulbs and other bureaucratic mini-projects, the most important European questions are being decided in backrooms deep within ministries in Paris, Berlin and even Athens. Or in informal Euro Group meetings. Or in the European Central Bank’s Frankfurt skyscraper.

    The result is that it has become unclear who actually is leading the EU.”

  4. Pingback:Da’s gemeen! De EURO geen Nobelprijs voor economie « KING BILLY's REPUBLIC

  5. King Billy 15 oktober 2012 om 13:34

    Tsja, het kan verkeren…..

  6. silver account 17 oktober 2012 om 05:44

    Applause and derision greeted the news that the European Union had won the 2012 Nobel peace prize , with British Eurosceptics dismissing the award as a “farce” and EU leaders rapturously welcoming a boost to the bloc’s sagging self-esteem.

  7. gold price 6 november 2012 om 08:09

    Nik Afansjew in Germany’s Der Tagesspiegel says that prizes should be earned before they are handed out and points out that over the last four years the EU has been “synonymous with crisis”.

  8. King Billy 13 november 2012 om 23:26

    Just be happy, after a month of silence, some European politicians seem to have descended the stairs in their ivory towers. Out of the blue a contest is to be launched to select four youths, the selection criteria unknown, to participate in the cerenomy in Oslo next month on December 10.

    ‘The European Union has today launched a drawing and writing contest for 8-24 years olds, with the four winners being invited to the 2012 Nobel Peace prize ceremony in Oslo. This contest is organised in partnership with the European Youth Forum. The four winners will be invited by the Presidents of the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament, to be part of the official delegation of the European Union that will travel to Oslo to receive this year’s Peace Prize.’

    ‘Unity in childish simplicity’

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