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Senf nach der Mahlzeit

„Viel, sehr viel mehr, wie eine anständige Frau, Bettina. Eine Dame, die weiß, was sie nicht wissen darf, obwohl sie es weißt.“

Und jetzt, Wilhelm?”

„Wie die Engländer sagen, ‘The proof is in the eating of the pudding”




Hollande, Ashton, Mali, EU and deceptive rhetorics.

 Is uranium a country?

Except from straightforward lying to hide the truth, is soliciting support and selling warfare under false pretentions happening again right under your nose and eyes. No lessons learned from WW I, WW II, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, irrespectective of the camp where the good and the bad fortify themselves behind all sorts of ideo barriers. Any sort of logic often lost in the quagmire of clashing interests and political intrigues.

Now in Africa. Jihadism in Mali. Natural resources in surrounding countries the real subject of concern. Uranium in particular. 

“The threat of jihadi terrorists (in Mali, KB) is something that should be a matter of great concern to all of us,” said Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans in this article. He is right, but it’s only a minor part of the truth.

Caroline Ashton’s press statement on Mali:

“It is about humanitarian support in these times of crisis; it’s about ensuring development aid; it’s about the security of people across the Sahel and in this case all the people of Mali; it’s about dealing with this challenge from the terrorists; and it’s about building the economy because we know very well how all of this needs to fit together into a comprehensive strategy to enable this part of the world to move forward. We are very committed to continuing that”.

Where it really is all about, is the primary concern about economic threats to an energy intensive, but fossiles’ poor, industrialized part of Western Europe, also called the EU, in the midst of a political creditability crisis, a financial crisis, an euro crisis and a debtcrisis. The real motives already signalled in 2010:

And if one thinks the French Republic will sit on the sidelines while freedom-loving people are in danger of losing freedom, think again.”

And once one sees through the transparently deceptive rhetoric, it is quite clear that instability is the enemy not because it threatens the inalienable rights of Nigeriens, but because it threatens the economic interests of the French.”

Hence, at stake are the economic interests of a so-called European Union -not ‘the’ European Union by the way, because of imminent threats to the regular supply of uranium to fuel 58 nuclear plants in France.

Nuclear fuel, providing for 75 percent of French energy demand with considerable energy exports to EU-member states. Nuclear fuel for nuclear energy plants, for which no cost effective replacement alternatives are at hand in an unforeseeable, uncertain future.


EU: ‘Development aid, providing security and training missions as a comprehensive strategy’.  As the USA does under the Trans Saharan Counterterrorism Initiative, directly reporting to the US Secretary of Defense, who is directly reporting to the Chief Commander of the USA. TSCI, headquartered under AFRICOM in Stuttgart, Germany.  Nevertheless, contrary to the logic about Afghanistan, Mali seems not to be a NATO issue. Unfortunately, if you may believe other politicians as well, it is not about Mali only.  Jihadism and sensitive fossile resources reach far beyond the borders of Mali and the Sahel. Or is uranium a borderless country of its own?

The Treaty on European Union:

‘By this Treaty (on European Union, Lisbon, December 13, 2007), the High Contracting Parties establish among themselves a European Union, hereinafter called ‘the Union’. Backed up by a treaty how this all is supposed to function.

 Were it not bloody serious, a hilarious, deceptive hoax: Niger uranium forgeries. Iraq, Niger, Italy, Washington, the UK, UN.

And paraphrasing Paul Krugman: ‘If you put the EU and Washington in charge of the Sahara desert, within five years no corn of sand will be left.’

Or no corn of sand will be left not turned over. Much to the disgust of some people, who had and have no say in decisions about this. Decisions, which are taken thousands of stepmiles away from their homesteads:


The Guardian:


Preferable location: Niger.

Halleluja! 2012 is over and done. Let it be.

Originally, King Billy had planned to name names and take a bunch of people down with me, but since that would be crazy (right?), King Billy has chosen instead to offer a little bit of advice to new political hot shots, who will pop up in 2013.

Well, here we go.

Truth be told first, you new political hotshots, I don’t remember all of your predecessors’ names from the glorious days of the Treaties of Nice, Amsterdam, Maastricht and Lisbon.  But as I’ve seen so far, they used to hang around the place when it was magical, I’m not so confident that those guy’s knew what they were doing. Because treaties had to be broken and referenda were circumvented.

For all who repeatedly keep telling me , “those who can’t do, can only criticize.”, I do still understand one thing. There’s an old Bunga-Bunga hot shot popping up again.  Well, at least, I fucking not am! So, again, and for the last fucking time, “I’ve seen all their shows for 20 years!”

(Wow, this feels good to write at long last!)

Anyway, good luck, you new political hot shots.  You’re gonna need it.

It’s gonna be fun at first, I swear! Just try to remember that even though a lot of these people you’ll be meeting are going to be nice to you at first, it won’t be long before they tell you all about everything you do wrong and how you destroy the gangbang show forever ever again and a again.

Then, it’s about time to spin you some outrageous tales about how you all will make the EU again a glorious bastion of diversified solidarity within Europe and the rest of the world.  As your predecessors tried to accomplish.

Once you’re past this initial “friends” point, the job is basically hanging out and play, listening to free advice and, probably the best part of all, wielding a power so great that you’ll be transformed into some sort of new god!  So, just try to pace yourself, because it’s real easy to get burned out.

This is why you’ll need to find advisors and spin doctors, and, well, plenty of others. These people have not only done incredible things for the troupe in the past, they are normal, realistic humans who really understand that it’s unfair to assume it’s the white and blue collar voter’s obligation to love every last speech and new paper you produce.

Not only will these promoters and spin doctors help you when you need it, they also tend to be pretty punctual with their calendar listings. These are the people that understand that political osmosis is not a viable means of promotion.  And they’ll  give you their phone numbers and other stuff for unexpected emergencies.

Nevertheless, do your best to be honest. Not that I know what it’s like myself, but I’d imagine that going out of your way to try and please your voters or perhaps exaggerating how much you did do or didn’t like, would make you feel kind of awful.

Besides, no matter what you do, you’re going to piss somebody off anyway. As you will be pissed off.  Seriously, you political hot shots, voters are never happy. And so am I.

Don’t take it too seriously, though. Like I write, the voters are never happy and, in many cases, these advisers and spin doctors aren’t  really concerned about critics. They’re there for you to silence those doubtful whispers that say things like, “You dudes, you didn’t care about your voters.” Or, “Maybe you should write an original speech now and then.” Or, “Ten TV appearances  a week is way too much. Go back to work.”

When these things start to drive you crazy—and I promise you they will—take a step back and remember that all-important truth about being the local political representative on the European scene: It is not your job to make this scene work!  And no matter how many people tell you that you should  help bolster their objectives or aim to make or break careers of your respected fellows, you can’t let those white and blue collar workers get to you.  Again: “You-can’t-let-those-people-get-to-you.”

Let the advisors and spin doctors hit and pave the road and just see how well they do outside the comfort of your familiar and precious boundaries.  As long as they are conducting the shows in your particular area’s of responsibilities  –and interests of course, the only simple thing that remains for you to do, is to present your honest-to-God opinion.

Godspeed,  Godspeed!  2013 is anxiously waiting! Already loaded with a host of broken promises and evaporated expectations from the past.  2014, a new election year, is nearer  as you might imagine.