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Lief Dagboek, mother-in-law (5)

♥  Lieve schat, je schoonmoeder mailt. Zaterdag moeten we vrij houden.

– Waarom?

♥  Uitnodiging volgt, schoonheid.

Mail maar dat we niet kunnen.

♥  De reden?

– Mmpfff, moeten we weer scrabbelen.

♥  Schat, alsjeblieft, je gaat toch niet met je schoreme nood nog een keer herrie schoppen?

– De reden, vroeg je?  Uitleg volgt.



Merkel’s Mobile Phone

 Global trade war. Energy poor €U can’t (s)care.

Right now, behind closed doors, bureaucrats backed by corporate interests are putting together a new free trade agreement that would slap regulations on everything from our internet to land usage to health and environmental regulations.

A document leaked in June 2012 suggested that the TTP trade agreement would grant radical new political powers to multinational corporations. It is known that tobacco, oil and pharmaceutical companies have joined Wal-Mart and almost 600 other corporate lobbyists to take part in the talks, pushing through a pact that would be enforced through an international tribunal. This body would have the power to overrule domestic laws and even impose trade sanctions on governments that fail to abide by its rulings.

This is the Trans Pacific Partnership. If that is where the United States of America are heading for with €urope, all reasons there to see American spying activities on a global scale in total other perspectives. The €U –not even being a state, but with extensive legislative power on trading issues, might argue that this trade agreement is not entirely their cup of tea. But the consequences poses ‘Union in Diversity’ with enormous dillemmas by lack of some sort of a common Far East trading strategy and alternatives. Simply because of highly questionable TTP repercussions on a global scale. As was the case with NAFTA on a continental scale.

Anyone who can explain how the NSA and 16 other American secret services fit in in global trade wars, be a guest. But, irrespective of who’s filling the post of Chief Commander in the United States of America with the dollar as the world trading currency, with Wall Street, with worldwide 700 army bases and with seemingly well organized secret services with some false trumpcards in their sleeves, he or she has clearly the upperhand in this global trade war. Notwithstanding the impact of Edward Snowden, Angela Merkel’s mobile phone and “Ströbele’s”.

“All we need is a mobile phone”, sings German born Lou Bega in Baby keep smiling, you know the sun is shining “, with backstage voices whispering  “Bullshit”.

For the German Member of Parliament Hans-Christian Ströbele, who used this time Edward Snowden for his own self interests, click here to press the emergency button.

At the end it is the old adagium. Welcome friends! Adagio! Adagio!, own interests first.