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“There’s No Way The JSF Will Ever Match The Eurofighter In Aerial Combat”

meldt de ‘The Aviationist’ uit de mond van een testpiloot van de concurrerende Eurofighter Typhoon in dit artikel:

“Concluding ……:

“[…] it is in the facts that while the Typhoon (Eurofighter) can do most of the F-35 (JSF) air-to-ground mission, vice versa the F-35 remains way far from a true swing role capability, and not even talking of regulating the skies”.

“Provided that the F-35 will be able to solve all of its problems and that the raising costs will not lead to  a death spiral of order cuts both the British RAF  and the Italian Airforce  will be equipped with both the JSF and the Typhoon.”

Mock aerial combat training will tell us who’s better in aerial combat.”


By the way, here an aircraft, which flew during an Italian airshow, apparently having received a ‘Certificate of Airworthiness’:



Instituut Clingendael:

Twaalf jaar JSF: Regering, parlement, van harte, JSF 12 jaar jong

Image credit: Daniele Beltrame