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EU and ‘our’ €, ‘unity in diversity’, without polish no shine


Too many Chiefs, not enough “enhanced and resilient” Indians

The present policy-driven, or in other words, a rather forced integration of Europe is the work of fools. Just name one example of an imposed, forced community that has survived history. There is not, for they all came down. How often do politicians really have to make the same mistakes before finally drawing a lesson from it?

In order to develop from small tribal communities into to large modern state structures, humanity needed tens of thousands of years and it took a long time for just a few steps ahead. The latter nowadays still happening in many states. A process wich even Europe has not left behind itself.

But even in modern states, those who want a collaborative push for some sort of, mainly economical, ‘enhanced and resilient’ federalization of a part of Europe by means of political force, are in the end achieving nothing but a lot of damage. Because where law, reason and citizens will be completely replaced by an ideology, flanked by rhetorics, failure is almost inevitable. The recent fuss about Cameron’s speech is only an indicative tip of the iceberg. As is ‘2013 – Year of the European Citizen’.

Nevertheless, people can survive. And shine also. Not only because they can  overcome the euro crises, the financial crisis, the political crisis, the banking crisis, the debt crisis, the housing crisis, they could and can overcome warfare, a looming inflation crisis, the climate crisis, the energy crisis, an upcoming food crisis, an unemployment crisis, a possible wide spread social welfare crisis. And so on. All of which is hitting citizens in their normal daily life’s.

No, at the end it is not about this at all.

At the end it is all about the strong feeling of -and trust by citizens that they can overcome gloomy suspicions not to survive at all in the future. Shining again, without respect for what sort of ideological polish is forced upon them by too many shining Chiefs convening in Brussel, Strassbourg, Frankfurt and Luxembourg.


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