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De staat van de Staat, een jaar na ‘Lehman Brothers’. Ieder vogeltje zingt…

O Nederland, let op u saeck!  2008 ijlt na. Laat u niet misleiden door de waan van de dag.

Elders worden andere liedjes gezongen.

Noorwegen , Minister-President Jens Stoltenberg. Nieuwjaarsrede, 1 Jan. 2010  (2.045 woorden).

“Among the first public buildings we know of from the earliest civilizations are granaries. They were used to provide emergency relief in years when crops failed. We remember the story of Joseph advising Pharaoh to build up a store of grain because the seven good years would be followed by seven years of famine.

The Egyptians built granaries. We built the Government Pension Fund Global.”

Rusland, President Dmitri Medvedev, Toespraak voor de Duma, 12 Nov., 2009 (11.944 woorden)

“Citizens of Russia… the foundation of my vision for the future is the firm conviction that Russia can and must become a global power on a completely new basis. Our country’s prestige and national prosperity cannot rest forever on past achievements. After all, the oil and gas production facilities that generate most of our budget revenue, the nuclear weapons that guarantee our security, and our industrial and utilities infrastructure — most of this was built by Soviet specialists.

I note that in August this year, Russia registered its natural population increase for the first time in the last 15 years. This growth is still only small — just 1,000 people — but still, it is an increase nonetheless…

Go, Russia!”

Engeland, Koningin Elizabeth II, Troonrede, 18 Nov., 2009 (735 woorden)

“My lords and members of the House of Commons, my government’s overriding priority is to ensure sustained growth to deliver a fair and prosperous economy for families and businesses as the British economy recovers from…

The Duke of Edinburgh and I look forward to our visit to Bermuda and our state visit to Trinidad and Tobago and to the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in this, the Commonwealth’s 60th anniversary year. The global economic downturn….

My government will work for security, stability and prosperity in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and for peace in the Middle East. Legislation will be brought forward to ban cluster munitions….

Nederland, Koningin Beatrix , Prinsjesdag,  15 Sept. 15, 2009 (1,574 woorden)

“Members of the States-General, the economic recession has exposed ethical shortcomings in the way market and society operate. The government has identified flaws in the financial sector both inside and outside the Netherlands, and drawn up proposals for stricter standards and better supervision. Binding agreements will be made on limiting excessive salaries and bonuses.

The lack of integration of certain groups in society, widespread disrespectful and offensive behavior in public places and criminal behavior by groups of young people are stubborn problems that cause a great deal of annoyance. The government is therefore not only taking consistent action against offenders but also tackling the causes of unacceptable behavior.”


Philippijnen, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo , State of the Union, 27 juli,  2009. (4,373 woorden)

“A few days ago Moody’s upgraded our credit rating, citing the resilience of our economy. The state of our nation is a strong economy. Good news for our people, bad news for our critics.

To those who want to be president, this advice: If you really want something done, just do it. Do it hard, do it well. Don’t pussyfoot. Don’t pander. And don’t say bad words in public….”

Zuid Afrika, President Jacob Zuma, State of the Union, 3 juni 2009. (4545 woorden)

“Fellow South Africans …since 1994 we have sought to create a united cohesive society out of our fragmented past. We are called upon to continue this mission of promoting unity in diversity.

Congratulations to the Sevens Springboks who have become the I.R.B. Sevens World Series champions — and not forgetting the Blue Bulls who have won the Super 14 finals in a convincing fashion!

We take this opportunity to wish the Springboks well in the upcoming series against the British and Irish Lions.”

EU,  José Manuel Durão Barroso, President of the European Commission, eerste ‘State of the Union’, 7 Sept. 2010. (4379 woorden)

“As I look back at how we have reacted, I believe that we have withstood the test. We have provided many of the answers needed – on financial assistance to Member States facing exceptional circumstances, on economic governance, on financial regulation, on growth and jobs. And we have been able to build a base camp from which to modernise our economies.

The European institutions and the Member States have demonstrated leadership. My message to each and every European is that you can trust the European Union to do what it takes to secure your future.

The economic outlook in the European Union today is better than one year ago, not least as a result of our determined action. The recovery is gathering pace, albeit unevenly within the Union.”

Tá-ta-re-táá: 15.04. 2013, Der Spiegel: Lehman-Gläubiger (aandeelhouders) können auf ihr ganzes Geld hoffen (En de belastingbetaler? Waar blijven Kamervragen?)


NOS: “een jaar na de val van Lehman Brothers”.:

“In Den Haag was het een dag later in alle opzichten een stralende Prinsjesdag. Het kabinet hield het er op dat Nederland er sterk voorstaat en wel een stootje kan verdragen.“

De dagen daarna kwamen de aandelenkoersen wereldwijd in een vrije val terecht, de kredietcrisis werd een beurscrisis. Bij ons had dat vooral gevolgen voor Fortis, die net een groot deel van ABN Amro had overgenomen.  Enkele weken later zou Fortis zelfs worden genationaliseerd, iets dat tot dan ondenkbaar leek. ”

50 miljard voor alle reddingsacties van banken door de Nederlandse staat sinds abn-amro.

Lehman Brothers

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