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Welcome in the wonderful new world under the EUROPEAN STABILITY MECHANISM

Somethig else as the ‘Ode of Joy’, “you’ll never walk alone…

What else is there to say after 61 years of European unification efforts, except

“Shame on you, political executive corps”

“Congratulations and thank you so much for the

17 States Financial Eurozone Stability Mechanism

without prior installing adequate banking supervision, a banking union and

democratic control mechanisms”

“You did it again

and again !


CS: esm-stroj-na-dluhy

DE:  esm-der-euro-schuldenmacher-fonds

EN: esm-debt-making-machine

ES: el-mede-una-maquina-de-generar-deuda

FR: le-mes-une-machine-creer-de-la-dette

IT: esm-la-fabbrica-dei-debiti

NL: het-esm-het-euro-schuldenmaak-fonds

PL: esm-maszynka-do-robienia-dlugow

PT: mee-uma-maquina-de-fazer-divida

RO: mes-un-instrument-de-creare-de-datorii