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Joschka Fischer, Project Syndicate,. , stirring up emotions in the political EU melting pot.
Anton Könen, an angry EU citizen reacts. His reaction might as well aim directly for the heart of the EU leadership.

” What kind of Europe are you talking about, Mr. Fischer? Reading your article  I feel demoted to times in which Mao Zedong, Stalin or Honecker were preaching the amenities of a communist system while people were starving to death or being hunted, arrested and even killed for their political conviction in China, UDSSR and DDR.
Without any doubt, there are winners in your kind of Europe, but for sure, those are not the people you would propably call the mob. Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and other internationally working companies do profit for sure from your Europe. Those do not have to be convinced from your system, they are already living it up to the full.
Why don´t you just explain the stupid mob, where they can find their personal advantages of your kind of Europe. Just tell millions of unemployed in Germany, Spain or Greece the advantage of being unemployed. Explain 600.000 people, most elderly, the advantage of being cut off from electrical power because they could not pay their bills. Explain the advantage of paying cash in advance for his medicine to a Greek invalid or even beter talk to a spanish youngster about the advantage of having no job, no perspective in future, no thinking about an own familiy in his own flat. An endless list of problems which obiously do not exist in your kind of Europe.

Strange, that people do not like your Europe, isn´t it?

Your Europe did have more than 10 years of time to proof that it works, and even better than other systems. The result is disastrous. Horrendous national debts all over Europe, highest unemployment rate since 15 years. Political and social disruption as we did not see after WWII. No ideas from policy but never ending and consistently louder nascent cries for more money, common accountability for debts which appears to be more and more helpless. What kind of bold fraud that is! Not even 1 single job has been created with, in the meantime more than 2000 Billion Euros, freshly printed. This money has just been used to clear manipulated balances of ailing Banks. 200 Billion for a sick Hypo Real Estate, 80 Billion for Spanish Bancia s.o. Those measures are not only of no use, they are cynical. Supporting “Systemic Institutions“ is the official term. What kind of systems do we want to support, those which create mass uneployment and social pauperisation?
As other dogmatists before, you forgot the people, who have to fill political systems, however natured, with life. You don´t explain or discuss, you only claim political statements while ignoring reality in the most arrogant manner.

Nowadays europe´s nations are more hostile to each other than ever before. Why don´t you just explain nationals from Germany or France, why they have to account for the mismanagement of Spanish or Greek Banks, well considering that the general public of those countries do not have anything to do with that. Generally this seems to be the core problem in your personal european ideology – people have been degraded to functional units, their rights to live has been reduced to just participating in your political map exercises.

The kind of politician you are, frequently make me frigthen of an upcoming war. The ideological, nearly dictatorial way how eligible fears and sorrows of people are being ignored is provoking instead of unifying. Functionaries of economy and policy are obviously not capable to learn even from the near history. I am afraid, Mr. Fischer, your “Economic Europe“  is already lying in a kind of a political palliative care unit, no hope anymore. You just forgot the people.”


6 Reacties op “JOSCHKA FISCHER’s EU and an angry EU CITIZEN

  1. Anouska 10 juli 2012 om 08:42

    De zinkende verenigde staten van €uropa… trouwens veel reclame hier van Deutsche Bank…

  2. Aad Verbaast 10 juli 2012 om 09:41

    Hij is zo boos dat hij even niet ziet dat ze het nog wel aardig eens zijn ook nog.

  3. Reggie Roning 10 juli 2012 om 21:12

    Als ze je niet van voren kunnen naaien dan doen ze het wel van achteren:

    By the way net als de EU grondwet…
    Geen wonder dat ze de mensen zo op de kast jagen.
    Stoppen met deze onnozel Europa gedoe, minder Europa maar meer (globale) samenwerking. Dat is mijn motto.

  4. King Billy 11 juli 2012 om 10:03

    Niet bepaald een sympathieke bank. Veel speculaties, handel in derivaten en wankele balansverhoudingen.

  5. King Billy 11 juli 2012 om 10:05

    Joschka Fischer pleit voor ongebreidelde banken- en staatssteun zonder dat zaken goed dichtgetimmerd zijn.

  6. King Billy 11 juli 2012 om 10:07

    Lees dit eens, Reggie Roning, een gezonder schotschrift, waar ook Nederlandse politici en de RvS lering uit kunnen trekken.

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